Possible migration to myBB

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Possible migration to myBB Empty Possible migration to myBB

Post by Brenden on Mon Oct 26, 2015 7:19 am

With the current host of forumotion we get many great features. I'm allowed to do basic html things and customize the site's layout. However many features I'd like to implement are simply impossible to do with forumotion.

Now the basis for many great sites is mybb, and its free. I have some experience with it and I know people who have more experience than myself if needed.

I've been considering moving.

-More features
-Nicer layout
-No more ads (hopefully)
-Unlimited possibilities


-The site will completely move
-New domain
-All old post and accounts will be deleted (I'll try to transfer)
-This site will basically be deleted for the new one

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