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Post by Brenden on Sun Oct 11, 2015 9:57 pm

Welcome to N3RD Forums! If you are a new user,or even a veteran user who forgot something,this guide is for you!


To post a new thread, click on the forums name. For example "Gaming". You will see a red button,click it to make an new post.

Replying to a post is simple, just type your message in the white box at the bottom of a post,and press "send".You can also press the pencil button to full reply.

To see what the other buttons do,simply hover over them with your mouse.


You've probably noticed the Cash system. Cash is a neat little system where every post earns you cash. Every reply earns you 1 cash, and every new thread earns you 3.

Cash can be used in the Art Marketplace to buy art from other users,and more features are expected to come soon.


As you post around N3RD FORUMS, you will gain ranks with every milestone.Ranks currently serve no function,but are a neat reminder of how awesome you are.

Just Joined (0 Swords)
Minimum Post:0

Noob (1 Sword)
Minimum Post:5

Hang-Around (2 Swords)
Minimum Post:15

Member (3 Swords)
Minimum Post:50

Veteran (4 Swords)
Minimum Post:200

Legend (5 Swords)
Minimum Post:500


The chatbox at the top of the homepage is a quick and easy way for users to chat and talk. Remember that the chatbox rules are the same as the forum rules.

At the top of the screen is a button that says "Welcome *your name*". Click on it and click "Edit Profile" to customize your profile.

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